The Backstory (Author Bio)

Vicente Morales writes crime thrillers, usually featuring troubled characters facing tough obstacles. He started writing when he was younger in order to become a literary hero and impress women, but it never really worked. For some strange reason he continued writing and eventually started to believe he was destined to become a fiction writer (the dummy).

Actually, there’s another version of that story, depending on who you believe. Morales started writing when his piglet-style dog spoke to him one afternoon and said he would love to read a great thriller novel. Stunned by the revelation that his dog was actually an avid reader of best-selling thriller fiction, Morales made a solemn promise to his piglet-style dog that he would write a series of page-turning crime thrillers.

Nobody knows which of the above versions of Vicente’s background, if any, is true.

Morales is a fan of great novels, corn tortillas, and international travel. He lives with his wife and a small hog-like Dachshund-Chihuahua mix in California.

He writes under the publishing imprint Mo Bros Books, along with his brother (the other Mo Bro), YA sci-fi author Gibson Morales.