About Vicente Morales

I strive to make my thrillers as spicy and flavorful as these things.

Vicente Morales writes crime fiction with a shitload of violence, loads of cursing, and troubled characters who have to go through hell. His character-driven romantic crime thriller, Girl Meets Narco, pits an impossible underdog against a vicious cartel sicario. His Badass Mexican Girl and L.A. Is Screwed series feature fast-paced action, badass heroes facing sick bastard bad guys, and an unhealthy dose of dark humor.

Morales thinks about fiction in terms of Mexican chili peppers. There are some people who prefer the mild peppers (jalapeños), others who dabble in the medium ones (serranos), and the badasses who seek out the hot stuff (habaneros).

“I strive to write fiction with the quality of a habanero pepper: spicy as a mother fucker, and flavorful as fuck.”

Morales lives in California with his wife and a small pig-like Dachshund-Chihuahua mix.

“One day all the chile will get to me. But until that day, I’ll keep eating boatloads of habanero peppers and massive amounts of corn tortillas. And I’ll keep writing like a mother fucker.”